Wedding day is a very special date for every single person that is kept in memory for all lifetime. That is why the legendary “Ambassador” hotel offers you to celebrate this event so that you could carry these memories through the year as most pleasant, bright and joyful.

Why summer weddings in the country have become so popular? Because in this decision in harmony rational approach and the emotional side of the celebration. It is difficult to find a banquet hall in the city that could accommodate the same number of visitors as the country hotel, and that they feel completely comfortable.

We can offer our guests spacious and comfortable rooms, a varied menu and an excellent reception. The guests of the celebration will be satisfied, due to the high quality of service in the hotel.

The marriage bed is strewn with rose petals that decorate the wedding room. On the table you can find a cooled sparkling wine and fresh fruits.

The room for the newlyweds at the hotel “Ambassador” – is a dream that becomes reality. Newlyweds can arrange a photo shooting in the room that will leave a long memory in the hearts of the loving ones and their family album.
Equipment for solemn event (pdf)

Time Out Bar

Time Out Bar is a unique place, which is located on the hotel territory…

Hall St. Petersburg

The small hall St. Petersburg is decorated in a romantic style…

Hall Kaluga

The banquet hall for 75 people is located in the hotel Ambassador…

Restaurant Ambassador

Restaurant Ambassador offers the newlyweds all the conditions for a perfect wedding…